Whole Foods Opens Chicago Distribution Center

Whole Foods Opens Chicago Distribution Center />


Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market has opened a 140,000-square-foot distribution center in Chicago. The facility will serve the chain's 26 Chicago-area locations and 34 stores across the Midwest and eastern Canada. The new location puts distribution options closer to the majority of Whole Foods' stores, shortening delivery times, and will have additional space for expansion to support growth.

The center allows Whole Foods stores to replenish products faster, and is expected to move an average of 200,000 cases each week to stores in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, and Ontario, according to the retailer. The facility is approximately 20 percent more electrically efficient, saves more than 1.3 million kilowatts per year and more than $150,000 annually due to measures such as natural refrigerants, occupancy light sensors, high-efficiency interior and exterior lighting, thermosiphon oil cooling, and redistribution of refrigeration waste to heat floors.